Tim Ferriss interviews fascinating people across a wide range of pursuits, seeking to distill the techniques, practices, habits, and mindsets that have enabled them to achieve the extraordinary. You can find Tim though his podcast, books, and blog, as well as on Twitter. His weekly “5-Bullet Friday” is one of the few mass emails I actually enjoy seeing in my inbox.

Mel Robbins is an insightful and energetic but also refreshingly down-to-earth speaker and life coach, whose frankness relating her own struggles makes her advice all the more genuine and relatable. I initially found Mel on YouTube, where she’s posted some great, concise problem-solving videos. She launched a free 35-day course called #MindsetReset at the start of 2019, that is well worth checking out. I’ve been following along with the exercises and folding many of the techniques (including the “5 Second Journal” morning prompts) into my daily process with good success. You can find Mel on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and at

Tom Bilyeu is an entrepreneur and tireless seeker of insight into human potential and ways we can overcome our own limitations and self-imposed obstacles. His “Impact Theory” video series contains some truly great stuff, including my all-time favorite, the Blake Leeper interview. You can find Tom on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and at

Retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink offers a rare perspective on leadership, determination, and achievement – one that combines the unflinching, tough-as-nails approach you’d expect with measured depth of insight and reflection. His podcast will enlighten you. His books will offer you priceless tools for self-mastery. His Twitter feed will exhort you to “Get after it” in the wee pre-dawn hours.