#MindsetReset Take-Home

Two enduring takeaways from the #MindsetReset program I completed earlier this year:

1. The practice of sitting somewhere away from a computer to fill out a “5-Second Journal” page has earned a lasting place at the top of my morning routine. The high bar the 5-Second Journal template sets of having to choose just one top project for the day has been particularly helpful in forcing me to focus judiciously. I’ve found that I need that, as I otherwise tend to get bogged down in the details of my beautifully organized but often overly abundant “To Do” list — which, while indispensable, is in some part just an overwhelming inventory of “I should”s that can make me miss the big picture of my most important goals if I let it.

As time goes on, I’ve started to experiment with small additions to the template Mel provided and my routine of using it. For example, I’ve found value in the 3-item “mental inventory” practice I saw recommended somewhere (unfortunately, I’ve lost track of the source), which consists of writing down:

  • what I’m working on
  • what I need to be working on
  • what I want to be working on

This bit of reflection seems very effective at helping me get perspective and orient my priorities, both for the immediate moment and with my long-term goals in mind.

2. I’ve developed much stronger discipline with my phone at night, and constant awareness of it as a tempting potential detriment to getting the good night’s sleep that I need to be able to be my best. I don’t go so far as to keep it out of reach, but I restrict my use of it to listening to relaxing music, a meditation app, or a podcast (usually self-improvement stuff, such as the last #MindsetReset video, keeping the screen face down), to help me either get back to sleep or make productive use of the time. I’ve found I need to be open to flexible approaches in my lifelong battle with insomnia. Good sleep is always my first goal, but if I’m too alert for that, I try to at least make good use of the hour or two until I can get there. Overall, I am sleeping better thanks to the improvement in my phone discipline; it’s been an observable win.