Mel Robbins, who I first became aware of while surfing YouTube, has launched a program called “Mindset Reset” that is worth checking out. I’ve had good success folding some of the recommended techniques into my daily process, including the “5 Second Journal” morning practice (a worthy peer/alternative to the Tim-Ferriss-recommended5 Minute Journal”, which I’ve also used to good effect).

I found the ten-page guide’s 2018-in-review and 2019 planning prompts helped me put things in perspective and did a good job helping me focus down on a solid set of worthy goals for the new year.

One nice thing about Mel is that she pretty candidly relates her own daily struggles, as well as some fairly massive problems she’s had to overcome in her own past (such as bankruptcy and despair a decade ago), which tends to reassure one that this isn’t all pie-in-the-sky coaching with no grounding in reality and its myriad challenges. Mel’s recommendations are practical, relatable, and can be applied in incremental steps.

The daily installments of this 35-day program are being archived (see Mel’s YouTube channel for the videos), so you can try it out and benefit regardless of whether you started at the cusp of the new year. The entire thing is free. See melrobbins.com/mindsetreset for Mel’s intro video and to sign up for the emails that will get you started.